Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Phone Call Highlights

Henry was able to call home from the airport yesterday.  He sounded great.  
Here are some highlights:
-He did his own laundry at the MTC, but it wasn't to hard because the washers only have two buttons whites or colors. 
-He actually spent some money...not a Henry thing to do...he bought a natural leather bound journal...very cool and a few other supplies.
-He has met a lot of people....some very interesting and some not so much
-He and another elder made up a game...they killed some time by trying to toss pennies into each others shirt pockets! ha ha ha 
-He is very excited to get to St. Louis...he said they keep learning that their purpose is to help bring others to Christ and he is excited to get out and fulfill his purpose.
-He was the Leader at the he had to make sure everyone got on the plane! 
-He is doing great for now, but is not sure how things will be when ski season hits! At least its fairly flat in St. Louis. 
-He wants his friends to write him!  Especially two....You know who you are!
-He is learning a lot!
-He hopes his Blog is awesome!! ha ha ha
-well a lot more but I can't remember any more. I was just so excited to talk to him and now I can't remember it all! oh well...He is going to be great and we are very excited for him.
You rock little brother! 
Posted by Henry's sisters and Mom :)

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