Monday, September 28, 2009

First email to mom from Henry 9/28/2009

Hey, so my im in Farmington, MO. Crazy Huh? i thought so haha. My companion is elder martinez. hes really cool i like him alot. The mission is a lot more relaxed than i thought it would be. Which is really good cuz i was worried. Ummmm, i dont think the dear elder thing works out here....or at least martinez says his never yeah...i havent gotten any so yeah, i dont think it does. I can only email on pday. But i guess i can send letters any day i just have to put them in my mailbox. I havent gotten any mail from you yet. But hopefully it will be coming soon. Im glad to know you are all doing well. And that your riding the horses and all that fun stuff! I did see andy, but only at the transfer meeting, we talked and stuff. But i havent seen him since, were pretty far away i believe. Anyways, the mission is fun. Ive taught half a lesson so far, gone tracting and did the door approach a few times. And done a few "parking lot" contacts. lol its alot of fun. And like i said its alot more relaxed than i thought it would be. It's 11:02 right i wonder when you will get this email. Im happy! so dont worry about me cuz im doing awesome! the mission is really pretty fun, i just dont think its hit me yet how long im gunna be out here...but oh well. Ummm, yeah i went to church yesterday and got to meet everyone. Our area covers one whole ward, and a branch! crazy right?? so yeah we cover alot of area. We do have a car. A toyota Corolla! im the designated driver lol, but yeah i still havent gotten my bike yet. but i dont really need it here cuz we use the car and members with cars for everythign. Elder martinez has taught me a bunch hes the best. I really like him alot. Our apartment is nice enough, just kinda trashy, but not nearly as bad as it could be. I cleaned the bathroom this morning, you should be proud. Lol but yeah it was really really gross, so i cleaned it. Elder martinez made fun of me cuz i found a glade plugin under the sink so i plugged it in and he made fun of me lol. whatever tho we get along really well, we just make fun of each other all the time hahaha. Anyways, ill try and send you letters alot more often!!!!! its 11:07 now, ill send this email. THen if i have time write some more. Love YOU BYE!!!!!!
Posted by Henry's sisters and Mom :)

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  1. This is great! It was fun to hear how Henry is doing. I'm sure he is a super companion for Elder Martinez and makes things fun for the mission.