Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Letters and Travels and that's what she said...

Henry sent us a letter last week from the MTC before he left.

In true Henry form, he had us laughing before we even READ the letter. Why, you ask? Because his 'stationary' for his mission is Dunder Mifflin paper that reads "That's what she said..." at the top. Classic Henry. Oh we miss you!! His letter basically said that he's doing great but is really excited to get out of the MTC and into the Mission Field. Yesterday was the big travel day. My Mom and Dad talked to Henry for a bit on the phone before his flight left. Henry told my dad that he was assigned to be the Travel Director for the 17 missionaries all flying on the same flight to St. Louis. I guess it was his responsibility to make sure all 17 made it safely there. Henry said he's enjoying getting to know all these other missionaries and has made some new friends. My mom said he sounds really happy.

Posted by Henry's sisters and Mom :)

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