Monday, February 22, 2010

Elder Adams and Elder Melendez celebrate Christmas 2009

Christmas Day was a good day on the Mission! Henry received a big box from home filled with a ton of little individually wrapped gifts for both he and his companion, Elder Melendez. Each little gift inside the "Missionary Stocking" had a scripture reference to go with it. For example, in his stocking was a wrapped tube of deodorant with a scripture saying something to the extent of "Thou shalt not offend." We thought it was funny and Henry loved it.

Here is Elder Adam's Christmas Tree! They went out and got it on a P-Day.
We were glad their house had some festive decorations.

Elder Adams opening his Christmas presents. Lots of goodies, a few necessities and some fun things too...

Elder Melendez opening his Christmas presents from his family.

Of course, they made a Christmas Breakfast Missionary style...Looks like Alta Breakfast Burritos, yum!

After a fun Christmas Morning, it was off to do some visits and make some special phone calls to the family! We were so excited to 'hear' Henry's voice on the phone. He sounded great and we could tell he's growing up a little. It was very apparent that the Spirit was with him, even in a family phone call. We talked for a long time about the work he is doing and how he is feeling about it - he loves it. Merry Christmas our little missionary!! We love you and are SO pleased and proud with what you are doing!!

Posted by Henry's sisters and Mom :)

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