Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mr. C, A great day...

Probably one of the most special experiences Henry has shared with us since he left is the story of Mr. "C". Henry describes him as a big gruff kind of guy, but a complete tender heart within. In fact, Henry compared him to Dad! Mr. "C's" story is particularly special. He was engaged to his sweetheart who sadly passed away from cancer. She was a member and her testimony touched Mr. C's heart. He had been having the missionary discussions prior to her passing and continued them after her passing. Henry said his baptism was especially touching. (Again, I will find the letter discussing Mr. C and put some direct quotes in there soon). The Bishop of their ward baptized Mr. C.

Henry just loves Mr. C. He said that from the very beginning, he had a bond with Mr. C and felt like he really understood him. He also loves that right after Mr. C was baptized, he begin being an amazing missionary member bringing friends and investigators to church. Henry also loves him because Mr. C loves to have the missionaries over and feed them.

Posted by Henry's sisters and Mom :)

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